Yes, each event is run independently.

The Programme provides an overall framework to promote all events but takes no responsibility for the operation of each event.

No a company does not need to have an office in Milton Keynes in order to run an event in the Programme.

The concept is that the event must be relevant to business people in the Milton Keynes area, how that event  is organised and staff is not a factor for including an event in the Programme.

Yes, multiple events can be run by one company or organisation as part of the Programme.

There are opportunities for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well during typical business hours.

It is your event,  you decide when to run it.

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

As this is the first year of MK Tech Fringe and it is aimed to celebrate Tech that is of interest to “Business People”, it is expected that all attendees will be adults.

In terms of allowing events onto the Programme, it would require an extra burden for the volunteers to sanction and monitor the content of the events to ensure they were suitable for children. It is just not possible with the scope of the Programme.

Yes. There is no restriction in the Programme about events covering the same topics or being aimed at the same audience.

There are many Tech businesses in the Milton Keynes area and there is overlap in services / solutions provided. It is reasonable that the choice of events available in the Programme could reflect that range of options.

Yes, MK Tech Fringe has secured support from some venues in Milton Keynes to act as hosts for events.

Please contact us to discuss details of what is available.

No. Each event is run separately by individual companies or organisers.

The Programme will promote the events but does not operate them and take no responsibility for their success or their content.

MK Tech Fringe wants to celebrate Tech in all its forms including:

  • Computer hardware, tablets, devices (e.g. Alexa, Echo), raspberry PI, robots, drones and IOT devices
  • Software such as  Java, .NET, Python, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation
  • Applications such as Microsoft Office, Oracle, SAP, Xero, virtual reality, e-Sports, Cyber security, video, webinars, mobile phone apps
  • Social Media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • E-commerce and web sites

It is all about Tech and how it is used or could be used in our daily lives.

No. Tech can operate 24 hours a day, so the Programme welcomes all events whatever time of day the are delivered.

The Milton Keynes area is a thriving area which has activity 24 hours a day, with shift workers for example, all of whom could be interested in Tech.

Yes. Using Tech to deliver the event is welcome.

Whether it is a “Live Stream” or pre-recorded, using Tech as part of the delivery is another way to celebrate Tech. Video technology at both the professional level and from the amateur processing with mobile phones can all be consider as part of Tech.

Individual event organisers are responsible for promoting their event, its ticketing, etc.

The MK Tech Fringe Programme will be promoted as a whole which will compliment the promotion of individual events. This should increase attendance at all events as people interested in one event discover the range of other events that are on the Programme.

The experience of similar Tech weeks run in Bristol and Birmingham is that many attendees go to more than one event in the Programme.

No. There is no cost for an event to be part of the MK Tech Fringe Programme.

There is an obligation for each event on the Programme to promote the Programme within the marketing of its event. This will create the synergy for events in the Programme so that all events benefit from each other marketing activities.

No. Individual events can be of any duration.

Examples of long events might be “Hackathons” and “e-Sports” / “Gaming” competitions.

Please contact the MK Tech Fringe founders through the contact form on this website.

If your question is potentially relevant to others it may get added to this FAQ section.

Yes. In creating the MK Tech Fringe to celebrate Tech for a week in the Milton Keynes area, the concept is to be inclusive. It is recognised that business people in Milton Keynes are likely to travel a reasonable distance to a relevant event, hence the term “Fringe”. There could be events at Bletchley and Cranfield that would be part of an “Inner” Fringe and events slightly further away that could be considered as “Outer” Fringe.

Yes. In creating the MK Tech Fringe to celebrate Tech for a week in the Milton Keynes area, the concept is to be inclusive. It is recognised that business people in Milton Keynes are likely to travel a reasonable distance to a relevant event, hence the term “Fringe”. There could be events at Bletchley and Cranfield that would be part of an “Inner” Fringe and events slightly further away that could be considered as “Outer” Fringe but still of interest.

Not every person who works in Milton Keynes businesses lives in Milton Keynes. Similarly, some people live in Milton Keynes but work in other locations that could be consider the “Outer” Fringe.

Yes. Although it is hoped that any event on the Programme might be of interest to attendees of other events on the Programme, there might be criteria apply to attend an event by individual organisers.

There is a benefit to everybody of knowing the Tech event is taking place, even if some individuals do not qualify to attend.

Although MK Tech Fringe provides some information about each event on the Programme, detailed information can be obtained directly from the organisers of each individual event.

It is particularly important to contact the individual organisers to verify details about specific issues such as travel, car parking, accessibility requirements, etc.

Each organiser is responsible for their own event including ticketing, promotion, content, etc.

The MK Tech Fringe activity will be promoting the overall Programme and each event has an obligation to include references to the Programme as part of its promotional activities. It is expected that many attendees will view the Programme and discover other events that are of interest.

MK Tech Fringe cannot be certain that the Programme will increase attendance at any individual event but experience from similar Tech Weeks in Bristol and Birmingham have shown overall increases in attendance.

No. There are no restrictions on the promotion of individual events on social media, however there is an obligation to include references to the MK Tech Fringe Programme as part of the content. This will help create the synergy of activities for all the events in the Programme for mutual benefit.

From discussions with Media organisations there has been positive interest in the MK Tech Fringe Programme.

It is expected that the large amount of activity in the Programme will attract coverage by press, radio and social media.

This website contains lots of information about the MK Tech Fringe,  if you have specific questions or want a “Quote” about the Programme, please use the contact form on the site and the founders will be pleased to respond.

No. Each event is the responsibility of individual organisers. Please contact the organisers of the specific event who may be able to provide recommendations about the wide range of good accommodation that is available in the Milton Keynes area.

Many of the events in the Programme provide Free attendance.

As each event is run by individual organisers with their own ticketing you will need to contact them to determine if any multi-purchase discount is available.

No. The Programme aims to inform about events but does not provide any support in the operation or logistics for attendance at any event.

No. The MK Tech Fringe wishes to celebrate Tech through events across the week.

There are many good exhibitions that cover Tech which take place in Milton Keynes, perhaps in future years one or more might align with the MK Tech Fringe dates.

Yes. Events by their nature can be impact by circumstances. The Programme will endeavour to keep information on each event current but final checks can always be made with the individual event organisers.

The Programme is to celebrate Tech across the MK area and each event is likely to be of interest to business people in the MK area. Given the duration calling the activities a Tech Week would have been reasonable and would match London, Bristol and Birmingham. The name MK Tech Fringe was chosen to be more inclusive and recognise that people who live or work in Milton Keynes might well be interested in travelling a reasonable distance to other local locations for suitable events.

The “Fringe” can be viewed as having “Inner” areas like Bletchley and Cranfield, as well as “Outer”areas such as Aylesbury / Bedford / Bicester / Buckingham / Luton / Northampton /  Olney / Towcester .

If you have a complaint about an individual event please raise that directly with organisers of the event.

If you have a complaint about MK Tech Fringe, please use the contact form on this website to raise the complaint and the founders will respond.

The MK Tech Fringe is for business people and good standards of business activity must respect diversity as well as being inclusive.

MK Tech Fringe expects all events that are part of the Programme to operate on good business standards in terms of diversity, racism, sexual equality, etc.

MK Tech Fringe does specifically attempt to address Climate Change or Carbon Neutral, but Tech can play a role in meeting these challenges and some events on the Programme “May” address these issues.

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

Although the MK Tech Fringe aims to flexible in terms of location, with the Programme is being co-ordinated by volunteers it cannot expand beyond the published dates.

By listing an event in the Programme it will benefit from the publicity and social media coverage given to MK Tech Fringe.

As all events in the Programme are obliged to include the Programme in the promotion of their events, there will be synergy created for each and every event through the activities of the other events.

Experience has shown that at the Birmingham and Bristol Tech Weeks, many event attendees went to multiple events as they discovered the range of events available in the Programme.

At this stage in the event planning and announcements it is not known if any Celebrities will be attending events.

Each event is responsible for its own costs of operating.

The founders of MK Tech Fringe have donated small amounts of funds to meet the operating costs of the Programme and the whole activity is being operated by volunteers in order to minimise costs incurred.

Please use the contact form on the website to provide contact details to the founders so that there can be a discussion on how you might contribute. As a voluntary organisation all offers of help are appreciated.

Running an event as part of the Programme is one way of showing support. Another way is attending events listed on the Programme and the third way is by sharing knowledge of the MK Tech Fringe with your contacts as well as through social media.

The hashtag is #mktechfringe2020

This is the first year for MK Tech Fringe, other Tech Weeks take place on an annual basis. The aim is to review the MK Tech fringe after the Programme week and discover lessons learnt, etc.

It is currently hoped that the MK Tech Fringe will become an annual event but that requires your support.

The MK Tech Fringe events in the Programme will be shared with Local radio in the Milton Keynes area. Hopefully they will give some coverage to the activities.

No, there is no designated  charity for the MK Tech Fringe.

Firstly each event is being run independently and they may well already have a dedicated charity associated with the event.

Secondly, as the first year of operation all focus is on making the Programme of events a success hence the complications of “Selecting” a charity for association with the MK Tech Fringe has been excluded. This approach could be considered for future years if appropriate.

The aim of MK Tech Fringe is to celebrate Tech for business people in the Milton Keynes area. Business people are of course also consumers, so events intended for consumers can be part of the Programme but it is not the main purpose of initiative.

Creating engaging events tends to make them successful. The most well know “Fringe” is the “Edinburgh Fringe” which was created as adjunct to the main “Festival” and was created by the “Uninvited” running events at the same time as the official programme.

The MK Tech Fringe, is similar in that organisations can run their own events but this case there is no central Festival and everyone is “Invited” to celebrate Tech in all its forms and uses.

The content of each event is responsibility of its organisers.

Generally events that provide valuable, interesting, informative content are appreciate by attendees.

Please use the contact form on the website so that a discussion can be arrange with the MK Tech Fringe founders who will be able to advise on your potential event.

No, the MK Tech Fringe is being run by volunteers.

There may well be sponsors of individual events but that is a matter for event organisers.

The MK Tech Fringe is aimed at business people and therefore expects a reasonable standard of content in each event.

The MK Tech Fringe does not expect content in the following areas:

  • Use of Tech for Criminal activity (including the Dark Web)
  • Use of Tech for pornography – clearly Tech is used but should not be the subject of events in the Programme
  • Use of Tech that breaches data privacy or un-authorised surveillance

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