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No Code. No-Fuss – Applying Machine Learning to Business Process Automation

Leading Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) software company, Celaton, explore the real-world business applications of AI and how Machine Learning can be used to optimise processes through a ‘No Code. No-Fuss’ approach.

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Build a Software Robot

Using UiPath market leading software, attendees will work to build their own robot.

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24-7 Business Networking

Helping Micro Businesses and SME’s in Milton Keynes… create more LEADS using SOCIAL MEDIA. This group delivers high quality training on how to use Social Media and how to link Social media into your marketing strategy


The 5 Key Principles to Sales Success in your IT & Tech Business

Come and learn, in this interactive Masterclass how to INSTANTLY improve your sales success in your IT & Tech Business… and make 2020 a year to remember.

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MKAI AI Ethics Expert Debate

The opportunity to contribute towards a well informed society is beneficial for everyone.This ultimately helps push technology forward.

What is the Tech Fringe?

MK Tech Fringe 2020, for one week, brings together the technological innovation, development and progress in Milton Keynes. Businesses, Institutions, Meetups and Individuals host and contribute to events across 7 days that showcase the passion and interest in technology that exists and actively thrives in Milton Keynes.


MK Tech Fringe is a new initiative for 2020 founded by Richard Foster-Fletcher and David Martin to celebrate the amazing tech community which is active in the area.

Who’s it for?

The MK Tech Fringe is aimed at the Business community and its use of tech.

Everybody can be involved including special interest groups, universities, and individual businesses.

Our Aims

  • To raise the profile of the MK tech sector – locally and nationally by showcasing the existence of a broad breadth of activity in sectors and technologies
  • Encourage attendees of one event to attend others during the fringe
  • Encourage higher attendance at each event by raising profile

Our Mission

To create a platform that enables existing groups to run and promote tech events under the banner of MK Tech Fringe and where appropriate provide support and guidance to benefit from the platform.

Our Principles and Scope

  • We do not control any events, the organisers are here to simply connect things together for mutual benefit
  • MK Tech Fringe does not run these events, but coordinates and directs people to independently run events
  • The scope of Tech is wide to cover software, hardware, devices, usage, ethics, impact, etc.

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